Turbo Snacks has the ability to provide the latest and greatest products the health snack food industry has to offer. Our team is targeting for lightly salted snacks with less sodium per gram serving than counterparts. Our food meets consumer needs. We continue to build on this effort and look to deliver even more options for those consumers focused on sodium. Turbo Snacks is also working on producing compostable snack bags made from plant-based materials.


As a rapidly-growing snack food company, Turbo Snacks offers flexible and hassle free partnerships on the cutting edge of Healthier-Snack Food. Turbo Snacks  can be supplied to supermarkets, health food stores, convenience stores, gourmet food product outlets, deli’s, cafe’s and many other food related industries. The list of clients, products and benefits of distributing this product is long.


Turbo Snacks has been developed with customers in mind. Driven by a market that is orientated towards “healthy options”, and focused on products that are either more “natural”, “fresh” and/or “local”.  Turbo Snacks is here to stay, and you can rest easy knowing that our team will be searching for nutritious foods for years to come. Based on promoting gluten free recipes with gluten free products. Gluten free products has been a strong growth segment for Turbo Snacks brand.

Advance Packaging & Size

Very practical and Conveniently sized. Turbo Snacks is available in a range of packet sizes whilst the product’s bright packaging draws the eye and customers like to discover new and exciting all-natural foods.Position close to walk-through traffic or at point of sale. Turbo Snacks  can be enjoyed straight from the pack as an on-the-go snack or served with dips or salsa…


Turbo Snacks can supply display shelving for your store to show off Plantain Chips at their most colourful and beckoning. Offer them at point of sale, suggest the product when customers make their purchases, set up displays offering taste tests and talk about them often to familiarise customers.

The Winning Formula..

Food-service..! The Turbo Snacks commitment is integral, not only by bringing better-for-you products but better-for-your savings as well. Turbo Plantain Snacks make the ideal snack food to serve at schools, hospitals canteens and corporate events. Serve as pub snacks, in trail mix, with soups or instead of – or in addition to – popcorn at social events.
Add to cheese platters for an interesting texture to go with cheeses. Turbo Snacks can package to client requirements for airlines, vending machines or other applications.

Australian Standards Compliance 100%
Natural Food 100%
Product Development & Diversification 100%
Customer Satisfaction 90%

  • Australian standards compliant to help consumers make safer and better informed choices about the food they buy.
  • Natural snack and gluten free; without additives, preservatives, colourants, grains, wheat, dairy, added sugars, soy or nuts.
  • Super Food that has a great source of energy with a variety of vitamins and minerals including; Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) and Potassium.
  • Wall-To-Wall Production to reduce footprint and keeping the original freshness and quality of carefully selected ingredients.